Aion SteelSeries Products Announced

Aion players can now determine the fate of Atreia with the aid of new gaming gear from SteelSeries. The SteelSeries Zboard™ Limited Edition Aion™ Keyset and SteelSeries QcK Limited Edition Aion™ Asmodian Mousepad have been co-designed with NCSoft to provide the ultimate MMO gaming experience through customized functionality and original in-game artwork. The Limited Edition Aion Keyset offers the full breadth of in-game commands and complete customization of each key, while the Limited Edition Aion Asmodian Mousepad provides a precise, consistent glide for mouse movements. SteelSeries’ new Aion gear gives players the tools they need to battle and quest with superior control regardless of their faction or class. Check them out here.

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